Compilation 2020

Corporate Narration 2020

Imaging; News Talk

Imaging; AOR

Imaging; Classic Rock

Story Teller; voice recorded at Roadknight Studio, mixed InHouse Melbourne

Avengers End Game Trailer; recorded and mixed SCA Melbourne

Brightburn Trailer; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed NOVA Melbourne

WSFM $10m Promo, voice recorded Roadknight Studio, Mixed WSFM Sydney

Michelin; recorded and mixed Macquarie Media Melbourne

L’Oreal; recorded and mixed Final Sound Melbourne

Security Hotline; Voice recorded Gusto Melbourne

Audio Book; Recorded Roadknight Studio

AFL Grand Final; Voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed AFL Films Melbourne

Ford and Doonan; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed NOVA Perth

Mercury Fourstroke; recorded and mixed Chocolate Melbourne

Asahi Super Dry; recorded and mixed Risk Melbourne

Maserati; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed 2GB Sydney

Dubai Eye; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed ARN Dubai

Triple M Classic Rock; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed SCA Gold Coast

CNA; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed CNA Singapore

101 Events of the 20th century; voice recorded Sonic Playground, mixed Wild Bear

ACDC promo Triple M; voice recorded Roadknight Studio, mixed SCA Gold Coast



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Andrew’s long career started as a radio announcer in rural Australia 4 years after arriving in the country from the UK.
By the mid 80’s he was not only a popular DJ but was the original host of the iconic music TV series‘Rock Arena’.

During the 80’s he fronted various TV shows including Trax the music, Simulrock, the Live Aid broadcast, a documentary shot in the UK and Italy Touring INXS, host and interviewer for the MTV New York special Australian Made and guest spots in other music based TV shows.

After 20 years as a radio and TV presenter he made a move to become a fulltime voice over artist.
These days he is one of the top voice actors in SE Asia, the UAE, Australia and New Zealand heard literally by millions everyday.
He is the current network voice of the CNA Singapore, station voice of Dubai Eye 103.8 Dubai, network voice of radio Triple M classic rock and numerous clients for TV, radio and corporate narrations.

Andrew also co hosts a podcast called The Pro Audio Suite podcast with George Whittam, Robert Marshall and Darren ‘Robbo’ Robertson.The show talks about gear, techniques, in fact anything to do with recording, audio and voice over.
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A good voice is a genetic lottery as in being photogenic. The microphone picks up nuances that the ear doesn’t hear.You will get people like Andrew Peters…beautifully modulated, the microphone loves his voice.

Philip Webster.(quote from Fairfax media june 2016)

Andrew’s impressive collection of mics and outboard gear are sure to keep any engineer happy.

Aaron Waide Chocolate Studios

Andrew is a true professional in the voicing world. Can always count on him to achieve the desired goal in every project. He adds depth and dimension to our on-air promos. Highly recommended!

– Yazid Salamoon, Channel NewsAsia, On-Air Promo

I’ve worked with Andrew for almost 10 years – both in a broadcast TV environment and through my work as a TV Development Executive at various companies producing ’sizzle reels’. Aside from a great voice and infinite styles, Andrew takes great direction and works incredibly quickly. I’m able to send a script in the morning, have it recorded within an hour (through his home studio) and have his voice over in my edit suite virtually instantly. And on tight deadlines that’s beyond useful. Plus Andrew’s a pleasure to work with – he’s a thoroughly nice chap!

Jon Donaldson Zombie Media

Andrew is one of the most reliable VO talents around. In our fast paced industry, having someone like Andrew in our ‘VO stables’ is key to getting our quality product on air in the shortest amount of time.

Brendan Tacey, National head of production Southern Cross Austereo

I’ve known and worked with Andrew for many, many years. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
His rich tone always brings any script to life..spanning all products from cosmetics to trucks.
On kenworth his warm and approachable style made the Kenworth script truly universal.
The client just loved it.

– Tony Lazzaro, Big Ears Audio

Whenever I need a male voice with smooth authority, Andrew Peters always rises to the top of the casting list. He has always delivered in
every session we’ve worked together, and his approval rate with my clients is consistently 5 star.

– Ryan Andrews, Australian Radio Network

Love using Andrew for many reasons
– He is simply great + easy to work with
– He can be anyone you want – Young, Old, Sophisticated etc.
– He has an international voice. EG not too Aussie
I have successfully used Andrew for a 30 year old target and a “Retirement” target.
Should you require further information, don’t hesitate to contact.

Ian Hickey – Director – Tomorrow Agency

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Email :
Phone. +61 (0)414 448 003
Phone Patch. +613 5263 2957

Represented by;

Kathryn Scott
Scout Voice
T: +612 9939 8133
Jonathan Saul
Stewart Talent New York
318 West 53rd Street
T: 212 315 5505


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